Blood Type and Nutrition

nutritionDo you know your blood type? Did you know that your blood type is your individual blueprint for your basic nutritional needs?

By establishing a basic food plan specific to your blood type you will discover that many foods you have been eating may have been acting as toxins to your body instead of as beneficials. This program helps you understand more about your tolerances and reactions to varies foods and helps you understand your personality. It outlines the foods and supplements that are Beneficial to you – they act like a medicine to your body. Then there are those that are Neutral – they act, well, like what they are, a food. Then there are the Avoids – these act like a poison to your body.

If you don’t know your blood type, I have a kit available so you can determine whether you are O, A, B or AB. Learn the strengths and weaknesses for your blood type. Learn the Primary systems Imbalances associated with your type. Call now to learn more!

  1. Dayna
    DaynaAug 05, 2011

    Hi Cousins!

    I have heard about this before. I am O+. What can you tell me that I should and should not eat.

    • Tina Carter
      Tina CarterAug 05, 2011

      Hey Dayna!

      There is a lengthy list of suggested foods which are neutral, beneficial and avoids for each blood type. I have a chart for Type O that I can send to you which also includes other suggestions for your blood type.

      The chart is $5.00 plus shipping. If you would like to get it, please let me know and I can get it put together and get back to you on the shipping cost. It is not on standard paper, so I would just need to get an oversized padded envelope and mail it…shouldn’t be too much. Once you receive it, we can review the information over the phone. It is really quite interesting!

      If don’t wish to purchase the chart, we can set a time to just have a phone conversation – it is really too much info to write in a letter. Just let me know which works for you!

      Hope all is well in CA! We miss you all and hope we can see you next year.



  2. Dayna
    DaynaAug 11, 2011

    That would be great Tina. How would you like me to pay? Do you personally know anyone who has changed their eating habits to those recommended with the Right for your Type guidelines? It would seem to make logical sense for it to work though. Let me know!
    Hugs to you and Darla,

    • Tina Carter
      Tina CarterAug 15, 2011

      Hi Dayna:

      Sorry for the delay in responding. We were moving all the equipment into the shop this weekend and I have been without a computer! I will send out the chart and you can just send me a check once you receive it. When you get the chart, email me with a number and time to reach you and we’ll discuss. I know many people who have successfully used this diet. It is not easy, I will tell you that up front. Not impossible, just hard! :0) Please send me your mailing address via email ( so I can mail you the chart.

      Thanks for the hugs…and hugs right back to you all!


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