Helping People Embrace A Healthier Lifestyle

Each of us must take responsibility for our own health. We are here to provide information so that you can make optimal decisions to balance your mind, body and spirit.

Nature's Sunshine

Quality, Service, Integrity... Three small words that can provide a big impact on your health.

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Aromatherapy Bar

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Grow Good Health

A Farmer's Market On Your Back Porch!

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Juice Plus+®

Whole food based nutrition that provides 17 fruits, vegetables and grains, to bridge the gap between the nutrition we need and the nutrition we actually get as a result of our busy lives.

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We have changed our business format!

I no longer offer a store front.  I am now doing classes and herbal and aromatherapy consultations by appointment only.  If your business or group would like a presenter, please contact me, as I would love to come see you. 

Remedies For The Mind, Body and Spirit

Health insurance has as much to do with being healthy as life insurance has to do with being alive. If you rely on an insurance company's recommended plan for your health care needs, we hope you have good life insurance.

I don’t know who to cite (or thank) for this quote, but it is such an insightful statement. With the rising cost of health care, and ever decreasing benefits, many of us can only afford insurance that covers us if there is a catastrophic event. I don’t want to live my life in anticipation of the catastrophic event.

It is in our control to take control of our health. Through proper eating habits, hydration and supplementation, exercise and rest, we can bring emotional and physical balance and harmony to our lives. A friend once said to me “May you never know the illness you’ve prevented.”  A proactive, preventative approach to your daily routine will guide you to a healthier Mind, Body and Spirit.

Educational seminars are available.

Old Thyme Remedies….Helping People Embrace a Healthier Lifestyle!